How Does Digital Marketing Affect Consumer Behavior

The internet is the most widely-used medium for information sharing, communication, entertainment, and shopping. This new addition to our world has completely redefined what it means to sell, communicate, and market. Therefore, while basic human nature has not changed, humanity’s expectations have shifted dramatically; and this shift is a direct result of digital marketing.

Here is a breakdown of exactly how digital marketing affects consumer behavior:

Heightens Customer Expectations

Before digital marketing (and internet purchases) became the premier way to buy items, customers were subject to long waits, sold-out items, and only what they could get through their local stores or catalogs. Essentially, consumers were completely dependent on the market of their area. If their area did not offer a product or did not offer a product at a certain price point, consumers either went without or paid the price.

Now, with digital marketing, customers want everything the world has to offer and they want it now. Additionally, they want it at a fair price. Digital marketing has put a price and timeline on everything, whether it is quality, cost, or convenience.

The good news is that digital marketing has also expanded the product pool, allowing many different companies to offer the same customer their price and expertise. This allows customers to find a seller that checks all of their high expectations and can give them exactly what they want, when they want it, for the price they want it.

Opens a One-on-One Dialogue with Customers

It wasn’t too long ago that writing a letter or making a phone call was the only way to get in touch with a company or corporation. Everyone had their place and frankly, companies could afford to ignore most of their critics, because there were still many other customers who would never know about any bad interactions. Now, however, the customer is given the tools of reviews and social media, which brings their comments, good or bad, to a worldwide stage.

Instead of being a big, scary corporation, digital marketing has brought the business down to the consumers’ level. Now, businesses and even corporations, need to create a rapport with the individual customer, on a one-on-one level. If they do this well, they do well. If they don’t, they’re typically not around for very long.

Produces More Informed Customers

The ability of different businesses and companies to engage in digital marketing has opened up the opportunity for customers to expose phony businesses. Instead of taking their chances with a couple of businesses selling what they need, customers can do extensive research to find the company that is right for them. Rather than going into town and getting whatever the customer feels is the most quality product for the right price, they are aided by reviews, information, product descriptions, and company values.

This makes customers much more informed helping them purchase products in a way that is best for them, regardless of geographic location.

Digital marketing affects consumer behavior by heightening customer expectations and opening a one-on-one dialogue with companies. This ultimately produces smarter, wiser, and more informed customers.



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Sudharshan M K

Sudharshan is technical and result–oriented Digital Marketer & Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing.