To my…………
Everytime that the negative words about you comes in my mind my tears immediately fell, although I know that you can’t do that thing, I can’t explain why I’m like this right now, I don’t know why I’m so dramatic when It comes to you, why I need to feel this pain? to feel hurt? to feel nothing? btw, your not doing anything but…hmm, I know that you’re too busy doing your school works, to fill-up all your requirements in your school, It’s okay for me because that was for you future right? and sometimes going out with you barkada’s that composed of, most of the girls and two boys? Am I right? idk I’m not updated anyway.
sometimes I’m jealous especially when other girls is too close to you and they are acting like they owns you I’m just like woah! okay, but deep inside I’m hurt but acting like everything was fine yes, almost all of us is acting like we don’t have problems, because we don’t want that the other people surround us might be affected hmm yes, but as long as your happy I’m here to support you, I’m here to motivate you. to help you to achieve you dreams. to become your no.1 fan. your cheerleader, No time? it’s okay. Just prioritize your goals it’s for your future, it’s for your own good. I will not hinder what you want anyway. like what I said Im going to support you, I know that your trying your best to catch up with me, to spend time with me, you let me feel that I’m a princess and your my prince, *too chessy tho* I committed alot of mistake but still you accepted me and thanks for that.
you’ve change a lil bit, but I know it’s also my fault, way back then I decided to do all my short comings to you I wanted to tell you this but Im just afraid that maybe we might have a fight again,sorry in advance, miss you lots! ♥
Ps: Sorry for my nobela i just want to express my feelings here. don’t make any chismis about this. HAHAHAHAHA. Godbless us all! Godspeed.
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