By Keith Kos

“Treasure Hunt”


During the time we were creating court documents, researching and looking for “DC’s” kids for 3 months, we took a little time to research the Polo area and found some pretty interesting history. Also during that 3 months, “DC” discovered that I wasn’t immortal. He also claimed that I was Zeus, the God of Gods. Now that his family was gone it was just the 3 of us, “DC”, his older son and myself. In “DC’s” mind he was Poseidon, his son was Thor and I was Zeus. I have to say sometimes it felt like we were super human or some sort of super hero group like the Fantastic 4, in our case the Psychotic 3. “DC” started calling me Z for Zeus…. I didn’t mind because it was pretty cool to have a nickname. Whenever I got angry “DC” would say “calm down Z, you are going to cause damage or hurt someone”. I would just laugh it off until something very strange happened. We stopped at the only gas station at the edge of Polo to gas up. The clouds were swirling in the sky and it was getting dark. At the same time, “DC” had made me angry for some reason and he said “calm down Z”. I was at the peak of my anger and when he said that a lightning bolt struck the gas station and knocked the power out right in front of us! I thought to myself at that moment “maybe I am Zeus”.

“DC” always thought of himself as being a pirate as well, more like a dysfunctional spin off of Captain Sparrow. That being said, he also claimed to be a treasure hunter. Wherever he went he thought there was treasure to be found. So we started researching the history of Pole and we found there was a rich history with Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church. It was then I found out “DC” was a Mormon. “DC” made me go to a local Mormon church in Polo one Sunday and that was an interesting 4 hour event. We found out that one of Joseph Smith’s first churches and his house was located in Polo he was all over the place in that town. Our first mission was to find that church and then the house. So we packed up this old Jeep one of our investors gave us and headed out to discover this church and Smith’s home. As we were searching, we found a visitor’s center so we stopped and went in to ask some questions. Right away “DC” approached the lady at the counter and asked if she knew where Joseph Smith’s house was. She seemed shocked that he asked that question and kind of looked around to see if anyone was listening. She leaned over the counter and said “so you wanna know where his house is?”. She told us in a very quiet voice that she didn’t know exactly where it was but she would point us in the right direction. She also told us where his first church was located and it was right around the corner.

We immediately hopped in the Jeep and headed towards the area where Smith’s house might be located. We pulled up to a bridge facing this open field. We got out of the jeep to explore and investigate. I found a large stick in that field that was shaped like a lightning bolt so I picked it up and pointed it at “DC” and said “be careful “DC”, don’t make me mad or I’ll strike you down with my rod”. See, Zeus threw lightning bolts and destroyed everything in it’s path. We explored the entire field and heard someone yelling and then a gun shot! We ran super fast through the field, hopped in the Jeep and got the heck outta there! We weren’t sure if that person was yelling at us and shooting at us but it sure was an adrenaline rush.

We then found the spot where Joseph Smith’s church was. There was no church, just a huge granite shrine idolizing the guy. It also had a large enclosed field with a large stone in each corner of the field. These stones represented the 4 corners of the world. The shrine was pretty strange but impressive. This was where “DC” told me that Polo was the “Garden of Eden” and this is where God is going arrive and set up a city for the people from the rapture. Once again, it freaked me out but that was “DC” always saying strange things.

We then explored some more to find Smith’s original home. We pulled up to this vacant lot and saw a vintage popcorn buggy, something you would see in a carnival in the old days. Over to the left of the buggy was a house that was leaning over and destroyed. We got out to investigate. Sure enough, it was a visitor’s center and there was a building with the history of the house and the area. The information never said it was Smith’s original house but deep down we knew it was. We started exploring the run down house and started looking for clues to Smith’s treasure. Understand, we researched the area and discovered Smith had a lot of gold and legend says he hid his gold in that area. We looked under rocks, boards and an old well for clues and found nothing but inspiration to look for the next clue.

The sun was going down so we decided to head back to the “DC’s” house in Polo. It was a good day but we were all exhausted. “DC” drank a lot of coffee so he made me make a pot. We sat at his kitchen table and started researching Joseph Smith again. “DC” discovered Smith had gold tablets that basically had spiritual writings and secrets to the universe. He also discovered that Smith hid these tablets somewhere. That night while I was researching I decided to look at an aerial view of Polo. I found some shocking evidence. See, on the way into Polo from the highway there is this large mound in a field with an abandoned house on top, which stuck out like a sore thumb. It was very strange, it looked like an ancient Indian burial mound. We had already asked some people in town what the mound was a garbage dump and the owner lived in the abandoned house a long time ago. We also found out that the owner would never sell the property. In the aerial view of Polo I saw the mound and looked at it in different angles. I found the mound was shaped like a gold bar! Guess what street the mound was on? GOLD STREET which was in between Silver and Platinum streets!

This was it! This was the big clue we were looking for! We started making plans to head out to the old house on the mound and explore the house for clues. “DC” said we had to wait until like 2am to go out there. We were all stoked to go to the mound, I was a little nervous. 2am rolled around and we hopped in the Jeep and headed to the mound. We turned on Gold street, which was an old dirt road, with our lights off and parked in some high grass about 100ft from the house on the mound. As we walked up to the house I got the feeling someone or something was watching us. Every step we took I was expecting to either get shot at or something creepy to jump out at us. We made it up to the house and stood there for a moment to figure out the plan of exploring the house. Right next to the house was an old water well. We went inside and “DC” started freaking out. He said the water well was built by a mason and Joseph Smith was a mason. “DC” believed Joseph Smith built that water well. We started looking for clues in the water well and again came up with nothing. As we stood in the center of the well we realized the well had been cover by a layer of cement. We started tapping our feet and knocking on the floor and it was hollow! We immediately fantasized about what was under that cement. There had to be treasure under there with caverns the ran under the mound. That was when “DC” told me that Maroni, the angel that guarded Smith’s gold tablets, was down there guarding the gold and we would have to be worthy to get to the gold or else Maroni would chop our heads off. I had to think to myself “am I worthy?”. I didn’t care I was ready to face anything at that point. We then went into the house. There was a gaping hole in the center of the house and you could see the basement from the 2nd floor. We tiptoed around the hole and explored all the rooms…very creepy. There was still a lot of personal items left behind in the home. We were looking for clues and we overturned a bed to see what was under the bed. There was some symbols scratched into the floor! This was crazy because “DC” had a dream that week that someone was telling him “it was under the bed”. “DC” freaked again and immediately took a picture with his phone of the symbols on the floor. We all felt it was time to leave at this point….again it felt like someone was watching us. As we made our way out, we paused at the front door of the house to talk about our experience. Right then, all the animals in the woods surrounding us started freaking out and a ton of coyotes were howling. It was definitely time to leave so we headed back to the polo house to research our findings.

We made it back to the house alive and in one piece! We couldn’t believe our experience and the evidence we found. We started deciphering the symbols on the floor in the old house on the mound and the symbols had and arrow point towards the old water well. That was it! Joseph Smith’s gold tablets guarded by the angel Maroni must be under that mound and the entrance was through the water well.

We then started making a list of all the supplies we would need to break through the hollow floor in the water well. Things like a jack hammer, rope, a gun, flashlights and horses to get there. “DC” also wanted to make sure we were all spiritually worthy to pass by Maroni and get our hands on the gold tablets. So we needed time to gather the supplies and get spiritually right. “DC” also wanted to break through the well floor on all hallows eve… which was when all the evil spirits were allowed to roam for one night….oh, and it was supposed to be a full moon that night. Don’t worry, we never had a chance to gather the supplies a revisit the old water well at the house on the mound. It’s still out there if you are interested ….. lol.

Stay tuned for Blog chapter 7…. There will be a trip to Florida, success, a fight father vs son and someone gets bashed in the face!

Thanks again for reading!


Keith Kos

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