The Amusing Cat-Poo-Cino Coffee of Bali

Picture of the roasted Luwak Coffee from Manik Abian Bali Agriculture

Whether you love coffee or not, you’ll love the Agro-Tourism experience that Bali offers.

Luwak Coffee — also known as the most expensive coffee. Luwak Coffee is nothing but the coffee beans found from Civet Poop (a small cat like animal)

Called Cat-Poo-Cino, with love.

Why Coffee from Cat Poo?

The story goes this way, when the Dutch were ruling Indonesia they setup lots of coffee plantations. However the farmers and people who worked at the plantations would never be allowed to taste and drink the coffee. One of the farmers had collected beans from the poo and magicially it tasted better than what the plantations were producing.

Coffee Flight (has a mix of coffee, chocolate) for tasting the different types offered from their plantation (for Free)

Civet commonly found have the appetite for finding the ripest of coffee berries. The coffee beans remain undigested and a unique fermentation adds to the taste.

Most Expensive Coffee

To have a controlled environment where the cat can feed on berries then poop. Collecting the poop is done by the famers. Cleaning, roasting and powdering is all manual labour. The uncommon and lengthy method of producing leads to smaller quantities while coffee is top 2 most consumed beverage.

Luwak Coffee costs about IDR 50000 translates to $4 per serving. Beats the likes of Blue Bottle Coffee.

A serving costs roughly about IDR 50000 translates to Rs. 245. A filter coffee in South India costs about Rs. 20. Beats the likes of artisanal coffee shops like Blue Bottle Coffee.

One shot, I could stay up for 30 hours but I still hate coffee.