I am walking on the sidelines with my eyes closed. No one is going to find me here. No one tried. The sidelines are scary places, they run along the crowded paths – but they stay disconnected. They camouflage themselves to stay invisible even in the brightest of nights. They exist and unexist, challenging the paradox, through every second that lapses. They are like phantom veins running right into the heart, my body knows that aren’t real – but my heart feels their presence. Or may be my heart, like me, is obsessed with abstractions.

The sidelines are scary places. They make you wander in the shadows of your own demons, as the light from your eyes gets sucked in. They alienate you form your world. They make you sings songs of throes and despair. They make you stay wallowed in a sublime disembodiment.

The sidelines are scary places, but if you realise that the demons following you are nothing but the illusions of your abandoned dreams and that they lurk around you to fathom your ideas to see if they stand a chance to take birth again, you will know there’s nothing to be afraid of. The demons are you, they are your dreams, and they follow you on the sidelines. May be the crowded paths were just too bright for them. May be they feel like asteroids in a solar system that only cares(ed) about stars or planets. May be they just need your attention. Being abandoned is not a great feeling.

Sidelines are scary, for they carry the weight of your abandoned dreams through out their taut.

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