Re-Mining Lost Bitcoins: Part I
Stefan Crnojević

Hi Stefan,

Great article. My first thoughts were, this is a neat way to expose Satoshi. Especially since he/she (they) is (are) sitting on a vary large number of inactive bitcoins. Which is one of the reasons I don’t the idea will work. There are people using bitcoins as investments or other reasons and aren’t interested in having to active their bitcoins just to remain owners.

Also, I don’t necessarily think cryptocurrency is any more easier to lose or mismanage that any other currency, just ask the people who lost millions in the mismanagement of US Dollars back in 2008 when bitcoin was created. Bitcoin has different was of losing and mismanagement. I think people need to treat their private keys in a manner equal to the value or potential value they represents. Write them down, store them in a vault, chisel them in stone, etc. These are easier than attempting to change the protocol because of carelessness.

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