In 2017, UK water companies still rely on “magic”
Sally Le Page

I grew up on a decent sized ranch in the US and we had to have new wells dug in various locations maybe half a dozen times.

Every time, the process was the same. We’d call out old Gary so he could “witch” the location for drilling. The drill company would take his input as 100% reliable and dig wherever he said there was water. And, every. single. time. they’d hit water.

This always blew my mind as a kid because I knew there was absolutely no way he could actually be detecting water with that method. Maybe that’s part of being “old Gary” — maybe over the years and years he spent witching he learned where the water was likely located in our small county and subconsciously navigated himself around that way. All I know is that his witching took the scientific method out behind the barn and beat the tar out of it.

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