A Mother’s Sacrifice: Sacrifice means the act of giving up something that you want to keep. As women, we are constantly faced with circumstances that cause us to make sacrifices. According to Healthywoman.org, women manage their time in this order (1) children, (2) pets, (3) elder relatives, (4) spouse, and then (5) themselves. 78% of woman often put off taking care of themselves because they are busy taking care of family members.

I can relate to making sacrifices for my family. Being a mother, daughter and older sister, I am faced with many responsibilities. When my son’s father and I split, I had to learn how to be a single mother and balance a career. I constantly had issues finding a babysitter, and I knew I was missing the important years of my son’s life. I decided that I needed a change. I sacrificed the career path I wanted to be more involved as a parent. I began working in the educational field. I was able to spend more time with my son and help him with his homework. In addition to being more involved in his extra-curricular activities. I was happy that I could finally be a “Soccer Mom.” I enjoy working as an educator but deep down inside, I missed working in the leadership business industry. However, seeing the smile on my sons face when I picked him up from school and supporting him during his football practices and games could not compare.

As time progressed, I began dating but I often was disappointed with the men I met. I never introduced any of the men I dated to my son, but my son would see me in my times of sorrow. I became tired of being hurt and disappointed. I just wanted to be happy; therefore, I decided to put dating on hold and focus on myself I started college, working out, and hanging out with my girlfriends. This sacrifice was challenging but I know I wasn’t mentally ready to date and I was happier keeping the focus on me.

mother kissing child

Over the years, my priorities have been my son and my education. I admit, doing it alone hasn’t been easy, and it was a huge sacrifice. I could have been more financially stable in a different career path, and I could have met my soul-mate. However, I can now say I have done a great job by being there for my fifteen-year-old son when he really needed me! I raised a well-mannered teenager; he knows how to cook, clean, and is now learning how to drive. Now, I am ready to date and return, with a passion, to my career path.

As women, we are constantly faced with challenges. Sacrificing isn’t easy, but knowing that you can have a positive outcome can make it all worth it at the end. We put ourselves last at times to make sure our kids, husbands, parents, and siblings are well and taken care of. A woman’s sacrifice takes courage, determination, and decision-making choices for you and your loved ones; it also proves you are “Thee Woman”.


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