Apple’s WWDC 2017 Keynote — The Stuff I Care About

This is the first Apple WWDC Keynote in as long as I can remember where I haven’t been blown away by any of the announcements. That’s not to say I’m not happy with what’s coming and feel that Apple is on the right track, I just think we’ve reached a point where these products have matured so much that it’s more refinements than huge leaps forward.

Here’s a list of the things Apple announced I’m most excited about in the order they were announced.

WatchOS 4

  • Siri Watch Face — this could be really helpful or something I’ll use once and never touch again. I’m intrugied to see how it will work.

MacOS High Sierra

  • Not too much here, mainly optimizations, but the VR stuff is great and shows that Apple is trying it’s darnedest not to miss out on the next wave in gaming — Virtual Reality.

iOS 11

  • Messages in iCloud — I can’t believe it’s 2017 and this is just now coming out. Not only will it be great for keeping messages unified across devices, but the real killer feature is the space it will save with storing the bulk of old messages and assets in the cloud. This is usually the biggest waster of space I see on people’s phones and should prevent a lot of iCloud Backup space from being wasted.


  • The 10.5" iPad Pro — looks nice but as a user of the barely-a-year-old 9.7" Pro model, I don’t see any compelilng reason to upgrade personally. The true test will be holding it in person and seeing if it forces me to sell my current model and upgrade to the slightly bigger version.


  • I’m still on the fence with HomePod. I do like that it’s “supposed” to sound amazing, despite only being around 7" tall, but in a household with an Amazon Echo and 2 Echo Dots, I find it hard to believe that I’ll want to drop $350 on another speaker, especailly when it won’t control all my non-Homekit smart home devices. I’ll reserve full judgement until I get a chance to use one in person in December.

Again, nothing here had me dropping my jaw in shock or chomping at the bit to upgrade, with the exception of the iPad updates. I think this is a good thing though — Apple should keep nailing the things it does well, innovating where it needs to and not spreading itself too thin. This is exactly why all these features they announced will be out in a few months, unlike Google where it’s a crapshoot if 50% of the things they announce at I/O will ever see the light of day.

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