These $21 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones are the Best Inexpensive Alternative to BeatsX

While I’m a huge fan of Apple’s AirPods, they’re not the best for noisy environments such as the NYC Subway; you’re also not supposed to workout while wearing them as there is no waterproofing or sweat protection. This is where the BeatsX so nicely fit into my daily routine. A little over a month ago while commuting home from work, the right channel on my BeatsX stopped working. Seeing as how they were out of warranty, a replacement from Apple was out of the question. Not wanting to drop another $100 on a replacement pair, I researched what else was out there that could serve as a replacement while also saving me money.

The main features that initially attracted me to the BeatsX were:

  • Simple pairing with the Apple W1 chip (which means I could switch back and forth between Apple devices with one simple tap
  • Charging via Lightning cable
  • Fast Charging (Five-minutes of charging gives 2 hours of playback)

The only one of those features that drew me to BeatsX initially that ever proved useful was charging via Lightning cable. I have those cable everywhere so topping-up on battery was simple. I never used my BeatsX with anything other than my iPhone. And while it was nice to know I had fast-charging, the battery life was so long on those that a once-a week charge of 45 minutes was sufficient for the entire week.

Aukey EP-B40s Wireless Earphones

After doing research on wireless earphones, I came across a few rave reviews of the Aukey EP-B40s. Having owned a few Aukey products already, they’re one of the few tech brands I trust. At only $21, I figured it was worth giving them a shot. From the moment I put fired them up, I was a fan.

Sound-quality wise, I can hardly notice any difference in audio quality versus the BeatsX; if there is one, it’s not a $75 difference to me. They do a fantastic job with sound isolation and cutting out distracting background noise. It makes listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks a much better experience on subways and airplanes. They’re also less bulky than the BeatsX which have two lumpy areas on each side (one is the battery and I believe the other is where all the internal processors live). These lumpy areas make wrapping the BeatsX to store in their case or your pocket annoying. It’s also what I suspect caused them to die on me; the internal wire coming from the right-side became loose and cut the audio on that ear. The one nice thing about these lumps on the BeatsX is that it helped keep them centered when running. Sometimes while running, the Aukey earphones will move the wire that goes behind my neck slightly more to one side, but this has absolutely no impact on comfort or playback. They are so light that one likely won’t even notice unless they look in a mirror.

If you’re in the market for great Bluetooth earphones that won’t break the bank, I highly suggest the EP-B40s. Aukey also makes another model I’ve heard great things about too, the EP-B60 (which are currently $60 on Amazon and offer USB-C charging and more waterproofing.)

What are some of your favorite inexpensive Bluetooth earphones I should check out? Let me know!

Digital & Social Media Marketing Guy. Early Adopter. Music Lover. Apple Fanboy. Gadget Geek. Vodka Sauce Aficionado. Get In Touch:

Digital & Social Media Marketing Guy. Early Adopter. Music Lover. Apple Fanboy. Gadget Geek. Vodka Sauce Aficionado. Get In Touch: