Empty Moments

Journey Of The Car Journey

I love the power of music and how it can totally disconnect you from the close reality of life.

That blessing of putting my sound cancelling ear pods into my ear canal and suddenly escaping into the world of dreaming and make-belief is unlocked to me through the power of music; A total but close disconnection from the real world.

Almost like a sheet of glass; still sensing the low end noise of the real world but at the same time becoming so comfortable in the hidden dream world of sounds that resonate with my heart and meet my mood exactly where I am.

I listen to certain songs on night time motorway car journeys where everything is black apart from the mear suggestions of light radiated by car lamps (bokeh) and I realise that those songs were written in similar moments where I experienced those night journeys.

The stillness of motion complimented by the sweet harmony of sound that shifts this pseudo reality into a new journey of imagination and perceptions.

“Unlock some colours that you haven’t seen for while.”

So every now and then, plug in your headphones and take some time for yourself; play some music that unlocks some colours that you haven’t seen for a while. I promise you will see things differently and start to dream again. It’s a lot of fun.

Artists & Tracks of inspiration:

Josh Record — Pillars

Coldplay — Midnight

Steffany Gretzinger — Undone

Justin Jarvis — Through The Glass

Jeremy Riddle — Always

Hammock — Cold Front

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