I am not bashing anyone’s work.
Michael Abehsera

I do think that the dissemination of information is more meaningful than the creation of information in a world already overfull of raw data, but you said quote “I think we should start penalizing and neglecting designs like the above examples” lol…That’s the definition of bashing and elitism. Saying that we should post what YOU want or be penalized is ridiculous. On another note: calling anyone’s art, UI, drawing, or screen useless is inaccurate. It may look like raw data, but you’d have to ASK the creator what is the purpose like we do with teammates at work. Their work could be used for an ad, a modal, inspiration, or for learning purposes. Your argument sounds like: “Dribbblers, give me more likes for my useful product because it is better theirs.” Who care about likes, how they are divided out, or who gets the most. That’s all ego crap. Just post what you like and maybe that trend will catch on. btw: Nice job on your portfolio site. Just went to it. I see talent and solid UX skills there.