Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer
Michael Abehsera

Let us not bash others work because they are impractical. If they enjoy making things that are “unbuildable” then you continue doing what you do and let them do what they do. One should never become so prideful and arrogant that they put down the work of another. That attitude is what is truly diminishing the community. The arrogant invite only, elitist, you should only post what I like or agree with mentality. Critiques are fine, but it’s unfair to totally dismiss someone’s work because you don’t see validity in it. That like disowning you kids because they won’t go to med school. Let them live and be themselves. I’ve only been on Dribbble a month, so I can speak to many specifics but in general that is just human decency. Humility goes a long way.