Proven Methods to Conquer Your Fear of Failure in Blogging

Who will read my article? Will they comment, like, and share it? How’d I be successful like Darren Rowse, Sue Ann, Neil Patel, and other pro bloggers?

Do you think about it all the time, but scared, because you don’t know how to do blogging like pros?

If you have the fear of blogging and you want to overcome on that. You have come to the right place.

I will help you to deal with it. Trust me.

But, before that I would like to confess something to you, I wanted to tell you this a long time ago. But I couldn’t dare to tell you.

When I started blogging back in 2014, I was scared to fail.

However, I was excited, but somewhere inside me, I had doubt.

Because I didn’t know how to write an article that engages readers? How to craft a perfect title? And how to find the perfect topic for blogging?

All I knew, these were the important skills of blogging and I needed to learn that to be a master in blogging. And without learning these skills, I could have never become a successful blogger.

In this post, I am going to share those magical blogging tips that helped me to defeat my fear of blogging. And I am sure it also will help you to kill your fear of failure as a blogger.

And after that, you can do blogging like a boss.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

#1. Find your primary purpose of blogging

Do you know what is the main reason bloggers failed? It isn’t because they don’t know how to write. But it is because they don’t know that main motive of their blog.

Why are they blogging and what topic should they cover?

I have said it many times before and once again I am saying here, set a goal before you start blogging.

You must know what is the core purpose of your blog, you are writing?

Having a goal will get your blog where you want to take it.

Blogs have a wide range of purposes — selling products, educating your readers, getting leads for your business.

You must find that purpose, why do you want to do blogging?

You might have the following motives to do blogging:

  1. Generate leads for your business
  2. Sell your products or services
  3. Build audience for your website
  4. Generate traffic to your website or blog
  5. You like writing and share your experience with others
  6. Learn new skills and share it with others

Once you defined your blog’s primary goal, it will be easy for you to move in that direction. Your blog should have a clear vision and future-centric goal.

I started this blog to help newbie bloggers to learn actionable blogging tips. So, they avoid silly blogging mistakes and get successful.

#2. Kill writer’s block, and crush it forever

Uhh… I don’t what to write?

I should be writing, but… I don’t have any topic to write about.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you know what is it?

It’s called writer’s block.

What is a writer’s block?

It is when you’re sitting in front of your computer for hours, staring a blank screen, and thinking about any topic to write about.

However, you want to write, but you can’t stop your mind wandering off.

You have tried everything to stop it but failed. You know you must write, but how? How can you get back and start writing again, like you were doing it before?

Here are five fail-proof solutions to kill writer’s block forever:

1. Change your writing tool — Bored with current writing tool?

Try using different writing tools.

Switch from Microsoft Word to Google Docs, Hemingway Editor, or Grammarly. Or type your post directly into the WordPress.

Switch your font from Arial to Open Sans or Courier New, or vice versa.

Also, you can change the font size of your blog.

These little changes will make an amazing effect on your mood, and can make writing interesting again.

2. Don’t think about too much — Sometimes thinking a lot about ideas, you don’t find any.

Start somewhere, anywhere. Write a few lines. Say anything. And see what happens. You will see words will start flowing one by one in your mind. And you will end up with a complete blog post.

It is one of the best and tested tricks, I have used.

3. Visit your nearest bookstore — Shut down your computer and walk to the nearest bookstore, buy some good books in your niche.

Go through the table of contents of each book to find blog post ideas. Jot them down in your notepad.

Don’t come to home until you have found enough ideas in your notepad for your next blog posts.

Don’t read those books, try to write yourself about those topics which you have written in your notepad.

4. Read best-selling magazines — You won’t believe but best-selling magazines always have the best titles and topics that attract readers.

It is one of the best ways to get title ideas and blog post inspiration.

You don’t need to purchase those you can visit and look at the best-selling magazines’ covers.

5. Steal ideas from others — Yes, you heard it right.

Good artists copy. But, great artists steal.

It also applies to the bloggers as well, because we are also artists. We craft words and turn it into a readable post that provides valuable information to the readers.

Learn how to steal ideas from other bloggers and make it own without hurting them. By hurting, I mean don’t copy or paste the same content on your blog.

First of all, read them closely and mix it with your own voice.

Even pro bloggers like Brian Dean and Neil Patel also use this trick to writing epic blog posts. Nevertheless, they write in their own tone.

Write’s block — Almost every blogger face this issue but expert bloggers have learned to deal with it. By practicing and using above methods you can do the same.

#3. Write for one audience, Narrow your focus

How to be a better blogger? It’s not always easy but still, there is one way to reach your audience faster than you ever thought possible.

You know what is that? Write for one person.

Be specific and write for only one audience.

Every blog I write here has a specific person in my mind. A Friend, family member, a reader who has commented recently — whoever it is, I think of him, when I am writing.

It changes my tone whether I should be formal, friendly, humorous, or detailed.

It gets easy for me when I know who I’m writing for, I know how to write. In the absence of that, my mind wanders here and there.

Exclude everyone from your mind except the one who you are writing for.

Narrowing your focus also enables you to explore topics more deeply, answer questions in more detailed, take a stance more firmly and offer calls to action more directly.

If you don’t have any real-life person in your life, you can imagine one or create a buyer persona that might be relatively similar to your specific audience.

Personas enables you a general sense, but a specific, real person colors in your writing and makes it more personal.

#4. Don’t copy others, be yourself

Be who you are, and say what you feel. Don’t copy others, it will kill your originality.

Everyone on the planet has his own voice and style of representing things. If you would try to do that you might fail.

You might have felt this yourself, when somebody posts almost the same article which you have already read before, you don’t like to take an interest in that, unless it is better than original, don’t you?

If you are doing the same stuff, writing in other bloggers style, using same words and images, nobody gives attention to your post.

The reason is, readers have already seen all that before. You’re not providing anything fresh, so why should they stick on it?

And you don’t have any answer of that, have you?

So, what are you expecting from me, help you?

Okay, I will, but you have to follow some blogging rules.

Let’s start then.

1. Write short posts — If you are a beginner blogger, it would be better for you to write articles within 1000 words. Why?

Because, when you are beginner you might don’t provide the value that your audiences are expecting from you.

Pick a specific topic and explore it within 1000 words. For instance — You could write about how to write the best email subject lines rather than writing complete strategy of email marketing.

The bottom lines: The advice is only for beginners, but if you are an advanced level blogger then you shouldn’t write less than 2000 words.

Google loves long-form content.

2. Write only when you can — Many bloggers complain that they don’t find the time for writing. And when they write in a hurry, they make a lot of mistakes that cause them lose their audiences.

Writing a blog post is same as moving out for a tour. Similarly, when you plan to go out, you check everything, every important stuff, check it again, and so on and so on until you are sure you have kept everything that you needed.

You don’t want any important stuff to left behind.

You should only write when you have enough time, the chance will be less to make mistakes, and you will cover all important points.

3. Be original you — Let’s imagine. You saw your friend started to blog about bodybuilding.

Becuase he had an interest in working out and fitness. He got success and made good amounts of money from blogging, it inspired you, and you thought, you should also write about on bodybuilding.

But, you had no idea about bodybuilding, and your blog ends up with no money.

Why did it happen? He succeeded, but you didn’t.

The reason is, you tried to copy him, instead of being you and following your own passion. For example — If you have a good sense of dresses, you can start a blog on fashion tips, then chances will be high to get succeed.

Bottom Lines: Follow your passion and do that you love. Never compare yourself than others. Be yourself, an original is always worth more than a copy.

#5. Never lose hope, keep writing

Blogging isn’t for those who have no patience. It takes the time to show the results that you are expecting.

Don’t stop writing and learning important blogging skills, no matters what others say or how much they discourage you.

Keep practicing until you become an expert writer and blogger.

Earlier, I told you that I was scared of failure. When I pitched some popular blogs for guest posting, most of them never responded and some rejected my pitch.

I was almost broke and had decided to left blogging.

But my best friend and mentor Shubhanshi, she encouraged me and said I can’t leave what I have started until it gets done.

I learned all necessary blogging skills such as how to do keyword research, how to craft a compelling title and structure paragraph.

And finally, when again I pitched them, many of them accepted. Since then I have written on some famous blogs such as Semrush, Ron Sela, Shoutmeloud, Hellbound Bloggers, etc.

If you are looking for a short term success, blogging isn’t the right choice for you.

But, if you give it years without expecting early results, and constantly learn, and improve, you can achieve something remarkable.

Final Thoughts!

Fear stops a lot of people. There is only one thing that stops you to achieve your goal, the fear of failure.

Stop doubting yourself, stop thinking negative, stop negative self-talk.

You are more capable than you think. No one learns from his mother’s womb.

Remember, all professional bloggers were someday newbie like you. To be a successful blogger and person, you need to trust yourself and work harder than ever before.

That is essential to becoming successful in every area of your life. I hope this article will help you.

Share your valuable thoughts and suggestions in the comment. I am waiting to hear that.

Originally Published Here.

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