5 Reasons to Sleep Naked

A Harvard University study recently found that people who sleep naked have better self-esteem and live longer. Nah, man! I’m kidding. The first time I slept in the buff as an adult was a few months ago. It came about because of sheer laziness. Of doing laundry. I literally had no clean clothes. Unless I wanted to sleep in my work pants. I’m not gonna lie, I considered it. Okay, that’s a lie.

Seriously though, I’m a convert. So, here are 5 totally legit reasons you should sleep in the buff:

A. Save money on night clothes.

B. Save time spent on doing laundry, dressing and undressing.

C. Save the earth - less clothes means less laundry, means less water wasted!

D. Live longer. Because you won’t be strangled by your sexy negligee.

E. Sleep better. If you sleep in boxer shorts, you’ll avoid getting wedgied every night! That didn’t happen to me! Okay, it did. Too often.

And here’s a bonus one:

F. Better body image. This may the real reason. And this time I am serious. I love my body (now). With all its dimply celluloid and jiggly wobbly bits. I see strength. I see resilience. As a person who has struggled with body image issues for her entire adult life, this has been a game changer.

And that’s the naked truth.

(Insert sexy, but realistic and totally inspirational photo of me.)

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