My Andela Student Ambassador Induction Experience.

Before you continue just know the following.

E...EXCELLENCE is the key word for us at Andela.

P...We have PASSION in all we do.

I...INTEGRITY is everything to us.

C...I learnt the importance of COLLABORATION

When I saw the opportunity on social media, I was super excited about it.

I jumped on my laptop and began preparing my application, after which I applied. After a thorough interview and screening process, I was finally shortlisted as one of the 10 ambassadors out of over 230 applicants. Finally we are in Andela.

I got an invitation for the 2 days orientation to learn more about Andela because we are now the face of Andela on campus.

The main experience
My flight arrived Lagos 6:30pm and I took an uber to the hotel that they lodged us in. It’s called “splendour hotel” somewhere in Ikeja. It’s was indeed an EPIC hotel.

I was really tired after the whole stress of turbulence. I quickly connected with other student ambassadors from other schools which are Susan from University of ilorin, Wale and Ofure both from University of Ibadan.

After interacting with the three student ambassadors, I went off to prepare for the big day which would come up the following day.

As early as 6:00am, we all got ready as the epic team that we are, to go to the epic tower. We were really excited to meet our Talent Operation Associate, Annabelle Amotsuka, who has been in touch with us since the first day of application.

Now this is the part I love.

Breakfast time! We took our breakfast, then we were taken on a tour around the EPIC tower by Executive Coordinator, Biodun Laaro.

We learnt that the EPIC Tower is named after Andela’s core values — Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration.

Andela’s new office is such a beautiful place and the working environment is on point.

It will interest you to know that meeting rooms are named after various prominent African areas like Obudu, Idanre, Udi, Mara, Yaba, Olumo and Naivasha

We had tons and tons of sessions with different representatives from different departments. We even had a session with Seni Sulyman, Country Director, Andela Nigeria.

That was the height of the experience for me. I had been looking forward to meet him considering the fact that he is an alumnus of my dream business school “Harvard Business School” it was a great time talking to him and getting to learn from him.

I must confess I admired his humility and sense of humour despite his position.

In Andela you can hardly differentiate between the employer and the employees. Everybody is equal in Andela that is why we are EPIC.

The next day we had a launch party for the new workplace and a lot of people came by including our very own Prosper Otemuyiwa, the unicodeveloper that is one of the twitter tech influencers in Nigeria.

The jollof rice rice gang.🍛🍝

It was party all the way and I am always with my phone for a selfie to tell the story...🍾🥂🍾🥂

And after the party, the next day was time to go home but we had to gym at the hotel before going back to our various schools.

Gym Time 🕖

After gym, It’s was breakfast time before finally leaving Lagos.

The Moment Is Here.

The moment we had to go back to our various schools and start implementing everything we had learnt at the orientation. We learnt so much and so much is expected from us.

I can’t wait to share our success stories.

Watch this space for them


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