Go Digital: Are you still buried in Paper?

In a digital language of 0 & 1, industries have to be either Paperless or Less-Paper driven to be competitive in market. With several Digital India initiatives, the country is progressing in the digital world. It is certainly providing better transparency and operational efficiency!

Since, paper being the most unreliable source of data, mostly when it’s in everyday use, reducing its use has become the need of an hour. Apparently, constant up-gradation of technology in offices has made Digitization of Documents a to-do-list for organizations.

There are junk of files lying down in dust with critical information being untracked.

You must be afraid of calling these papers as junk because you never know when they may be useful. Therefore, instead of worrying you should be simplifying your work by scanning of documents. It doesn’t take much efforts to digitize our frequently used documents such as invoices, business proposals, legal agreements, etc. on daily basis. Rather, it would avoid confusions if documents are kept handy by going digital. We can quickly retrieve files from anywhere when they are stored digital. Also, it saves our office printing and maintenance cost of physical documents.

Digitization process begins with cleaning of physical documents, capturing clean image through high resolution scanning device, saving the digital copy in specific name formats, storing data on hard disk or cloud and finally cataloging or classifying the files as per the business need.

The digitization task doesn’t simply end after scanning and photocopying of paper documents. In fact, the crucial task of locating the data is equally important. Some most commonly used techniques to simplify the digitized data in searchable format are cataloguing, tag creation, labeling & indexing of scanned documents and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

The key benefits of digitizing your office:

  • Time saving by eliminating traditional ways of filling, maintaining and finding physical documents.
  • Quick access to important files and information.
  • Disaster recovery & document security by authorised access.
  • Decrease environmental footprint by going paperless.

Decades old stacks of paper documents are still within government agencies, legal & educational departments, banks, insurance companies, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industry to be digitized. Do you think that we have already digitized our documents which are about to perish?

Here’s the more information on Digitization and Paperless office solutions.

Did your business changed to go paperless? If so, how it has changed your work environment?