Mozilla Location Services

Many people thinking that contributing to Mozilla is very difficult to start. But it is much easier than they consider. There are many lot of ways to contribute. One Among them in Mozilla Location Service.

Here I would like to share my views as an Individual how we are contribute to the Mozilla Location Service. In this world many people are Android device users. With your mobile in your hand you can contribute to Mozilla Location Service easily. And also with growing Firefox OS based devices you can contribute to this project.

First you have to download Application for you mobile, Android users can goto Marketplace for downloading Mozilla stumbler for Android and Firefox OS user have to fork and download zip from github, and then with the help of WebIDE in Firefox developer Edition you can push it in your device.

The below mentioned steps are suitable for Android device and Firefox OS devices, but used Android device for Example.

Step1: Enable Location service in you Mobile

Without enabling Location service, it is not possible to capture latitude and longitude. So before starting the application it is good to start it.

Step 2: First time run

Step 3: Viewing Reports for First Time

Step 4: Creating Nick Name and Email ID

Step 5: Mention when to stop based on battery level

Step 6: Map being loaded In open street maps

Step 7: Roaming and getting the points in reports

Step 8: After sending Reports

So we used to travel atleast 2 hours a day, we can switch on the location service and this application and collect the points. We can send the report. We have enabled to send reports only when we are connected to wifi, you can change the settings.

So we have to see who are all collecting their points and contributing to Mozilla, it is possible there is a simple Leaderboard created by Mozilla Location Service Team.

So don’t wait for opportunity, start contributing to Mozilla Location Services.

Originally published at on June 6, 2015.