Chùa Hương (Perfume Pagoda), Vietnam

The Perfume Pagoda sits sixty kilometres southwest of Hanoi in the Red River Delta. The pagoda is Vietnam’s most famous pilgrimage site, said to be named after the scent of spring blossoms. To reach the pagoda, situated inside a cave, one takes an hour boat ride among karst hills and then hikes up a path shaded by trees and vendors’ huts up to the grotto (or takes the cable car above the designated route).


  1. Get a legitimate ticket from the main entrance of the attraction, there’ll be a small ticket booth.
  2. Find some legitimate parking for your bike if you come with one, usually security with neon shirts.
  3. Get a ticket from the booth near the boats for a boat. It will be much cheaper to share with other groups, but if you want a private one do not be fooled into paying more than what the people at the desk tell you. 
    + it would be appropriate to tip the lady rowing your boat.
Base of hike
For the lazier
Looking out
Looking in
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