9 Times Waiting to Send an Email Is Actually Better Than Sending it Now

Waqar Ahmed
May 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Nowadays, almost every business is heavily reliant on Emails when it comes to communicate between a company and customers or between company and employees.

As the Emails have become rampant, so that people have learned how to ignore them. And the result is that most of the emails aren’t being read.

Email marketers are finding it cumbersome that their potential customers aren’t reading their Email either because the timing of email sent is not right or because they are living in different time zones. Or because they think that you are Spamming them.

With a slight change in Email sending strategy, you can make the most of your telemarketing goals.

I highly recommend Hubspot Sales Free Software for scheduling and tracking your emails. It has awesome “SEND LATER” option that makes it amazing software for Email marketing.

Here are the times when you must wait before sending emails.

1) When you’re working during non-traditional hours.

If you are working late and have to send an Email. Don’t send. The chances are that your email won’t be get read. Even if the recipients reads that mail, he might feel bad.

2) When you work in a different time zone than your prospects.

If you are living in a different time zone then its better to wait and send the email only when your client is up and working.

3) When you’re traveling.

When you are traveling, you might need to enjoy your day out. Schedule your email for a time when you will be readily available for replying back.

4) When you want to avoid distracting responses.

Some jobs and times demand focus and isolation. When you are in such a mood, don’t send emails because it might start an online conversation.

5) When you know a person checks their email at a specific time.

If you are sure that the specific person you are sending emails reads mail at the specific time, that’s when you should email him.

6) When the timing just isn’t right.

Obviously, when the timing isn’t right, don’t send an email. Wait for the right moment. Use your judgment about when to send email

7) When it’s a special occasion.

8) When you need to give an email extra attention.

9) When you want to show someone just how hard you’re working.

Waqar Ahmed
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