Going back to embracing Art..

Waqar Ahmed
May 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Understanding Art

What is art? Our Multimedia Graphics teacher asked in the very first class. Some of us said, its making films, writing books, acting, painting and the list went on and on..

She kept rolling her eyes.

When we were all finished with our bizarre ideas, she said, these are forms of art but art itself is something different. Then she slowly walked away towards whiteboard, turned back to us and said, simply put “art is the representation of an idea”. She further explained that, “the idea is in your head and how you are going to let the world feel exactly you feel is, art”. Your idea will come in this world through the work of art.

Oh, this definition really clicked to me and took me to thousand years back. I recognized that, it was the art through which cavemen used to tell each other by making drawings on the cave walls about what to do if a lion attacks any of their members. It was the art through which they inscribed their wonderful moments, like how they used to marry, honor their king, or how they used to make giant pyramids. And everything through which we know them today.

Even our God is the Mussavir, “the Bestower of form, the shaper”.

The beauty of the art is this: it hides the complex and dirty things, and presents them in a very sophisticated and adorable way. Look at your own self, how beautifully you are drawn but inside there is very complex system. Without art, how would you look?

I have come to believe that if we really want to get successful in life, we need to embrace the art. We need to spark creativity in us, and the good news is there are thousands of ways to get creative in any field you are in.

How you convey your message is an art, take it seriously and read some good communication books. How you make your five years old kid understand that 2+2 makes four, take some help from art and make her understand easily. Remember the purpose of the art is to represent your idea in an easier way. It’s about making difficult things digest easily.

If you see, the whole corporate world is fighting the war of art. Without art, there is no marketing, there are no sales, and there is no competitiveness. Without compelling art, you or your product can’t get the privilege of ‘attention’.

Art matters a lot

Here’s a powerful example of the importance of art. We went for changing the cover of our nurpur packet. The older one wasn’t that catchy, wasn’t delivering message properly. So we went up to change it. The current packet’s design is classier, attractive and convinces to our customer that our product is what you need. Agreeing with me? We took help of art to represent our product well. Else, the quality of milk (that is superb) is same as it was before.


I will conclude my article by saying that take some time out of your busy life and go towards learning some type of art. The more creative you will get the more successful, like-able and competitive you will become in any field you are in. Maybe you find some new field for yourself and live a happier and content life and help others understanding this world in a better way. Art will never let you down.

Waqar Ahmed

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Freelancer,Blogger and Web Content Moderator

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