How to change your mood when you feeling down

Someone asked me this question on Quora, how to change your mood when you feeling down. I found this question interesting, so I thought before answering her, I would make a post of it for my website visitors.

We all have good moments and bad moments. Sometimes we feel like we are over the moon and sometimes life looks blue.

Here’s my strategy for changing my mood when I feel low

What I do about changing my mind when I feel low is this: I let that sorrow, depression or bad feeling have full control of me. I recognize its presence and I let it do its thing to me. After a certain period, I think talk with my grief directly. I say to it, “You have been here, thank you so much, I think that now you must go.”

Just like I had given that sorrow thing my full attention, I then start to ignore it completely. This really works for me.

By giving full attention to my bad mood, my depression, I allow my grief to get extinguished. Because, the more I will negate that feeling, the more I will suppress my anger, the more it will come back with destructive force. So, better to get it tired by itself and leave happily.

When I am done with my sorrow, I give myself another new task. I do something that I never done. Like reading a good book. Like, watching a good movie or like having a conversation with my childhood friends.

Engage your mind in something productive for uplifting your mood

The most soothing effect for me is to keep my mind busy in doing something productive. So, I go and learn something new. Like, how to be good at writing, how to install some plugin, how to troubleshoot a problem that occurs at some point of my life.

My idea is that the more you will keep your mind busy in healthy activities, the less it will disturb you. So, if you are wondering how to your change mood when feeling down, think about things you do when you are happy. Are you the guy who watch movies, or hang out with friends.

Read this mantra

And, one more thing. I always tell myself this famous mantra, “This shall too pass“. And really, every bad phase in my life hasn’t last long. So won’t yours. Relax.

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Enjoy and live happy

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