A List of Australian Startups That You Should Know About (Part 4): 76–100

Image Credit: CUB Network

This is an on-going list that I’m writing to help promote #startupaus. I hope you have enjoyed list one, two and three.

It is important to mention that there is no ranking system associated with any of these lists. Sometimes people might email me or I may discover these startups by chance. Whichever way — it is been compiled on the go.

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Here’s list 4— Introducing …

76. Prime: Find your best time to post to Instagram.

Website: http://www.primeforinstagram.com/

Founder: Jack Solomon

Email: jack@primeforinstagram.com

77. Coder Factory: Create the Future. The best place to learn to code in Australia.

Websites: https://coderfactory.com/ & https://coderfactoryacademy.com/

Cofounder: Dan Siepan

Email: info@coderfactory.com

78. Indee: Was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to access safe, effective and affordable healthcare designed to deliver optimal patient outcomes. We believe our patent pending technology will enable gene therapy for the masses.

Website: http://indeetx.com/

Founder: Ryan Pawell

Email: online@indeeTx.com

Additional notes: They have moved over to SF — congrats guys!

79. Streaks Workout: The personal trainer that you actually want to use.

Website: streaksworkout.com

Founder: Quentin Zervaas

Email: support@streaksworkout.com

80. HERO.WORK: Do more billable work. The best tradespeople join us because we look after them.

Website: https://hero.work/app

Founder: Stepan Hilber

Cofounder: Roman Mandryk

Email: stepan@hero.work

81. Noots: G’day, we’re noots. We get you focused and enhance your cognitive functions.

Website: http://noots.co/

Founder: John Mitchell

Email: johnnymitch@me.com

82. Journomate: Get Free Press Coverage. Journomate sends you daily PR opportunities straight to your inbox!

Website: http://journomate.com/

Founder: Kate

Email: info@journomate.com

83. GROK Learning: We believe that a solid computer science understanding is vital whether you want to fight climate change, make the next blockbuster movie or unlock the secrets of the universe. We’ve taught thousands of students across Australia to program in classrooms, lecture halls and online, and are now bringing top-notch STEM education into classrooms and homes around the world

Website: https://groklearning.com/about/

Cofounder: Dr. Nicky Ringland

Email: nicky@groklearning.com

84. OneLessDesk: A team of professional bookkeepers who respond within one day

Website: http://onelessdesk.com/

Founder: Tom Connole

Email: tom@onelessdesk.com

85. Sidespace: Connecting vacant commercial space with tenants.

Website: https://www.sidespace.com.au/

Founder: Simon Hanlon

Email: info@sidespace.com.au

86. Helperific: Let’s developers get near-time help from terrific open source contributors, letting you can focus on solving your real business problems instead of wasting time digging through unfamiliar code or waiting days for an answer from an online forum.

Website: http://helperific.com/

Founder: Cameron Batt

Email: vespertilian@gmail.com

87. StudySocket: Find and connect to peers, friends and educators for real-time help online.

Website: http://studysocket.com/

Cofounder: Cameron Batt

Email: vespertilian@gmail.com

88. Boundround: Find the best family-friendly activities and things to do.
Get insider tips from local kids.

Website: https://www.boundround.com/

Founder: Janeece Keller

Email: help@boundround.com

89. UrbanOutsource: Book trusted home services anytime. Friendly, fully vetted professionals at your doorstep — pick a time and we’ll do the rest.

Website: http://urbanoutsource.com.au/

Cofounder: Noga Edelstein

Email: info@urbanoutsource.com.au

90. Gooey Brains: Fun and simple ways to grow happy kids with awesome brains.

Website: http://gooeybrains.com/

Founder: Liam Gibson

Email: liamgibson@gmail.com

91. Ghacklabs: Get awesome startup help for $1.

Website: www.ghacklabs.com

Founder: Luke Fitzpatrick

Email: luke@ghacklabs.com

92. Bromily: Got an idea? We help build better companies. Innovation management at it’s finest.

Website: http://bromily.com.au/

Founder: Broderick Smith

Email: brod@bromily.com.au

93. Gronade: Explosive Growth Partnerships.

Website: http://gronade.com/

Founder: Tomer Garzberg

Email: throw@gronade.com

94. Scentury: Subscribe and receive designer fragrances for just $15/mo.

Website: http://www.scenturyaustralia.com/

Founder: Alex Tin Man Power

Email: http://www.scenturyaustralia.com/ContactUs_Page.aspx

95. Car Cloud: The car rental eCommerce platform — that works with your reservation software.

Website: http://www.carcloud.com/

Cofounder: Chris Seymour

Email: info@carcloud.com

96. Dealztap: Find the best deals near you. We bring the BEST deals to your phone when it matters most!

Website: http://dealztap.com/

Cofounders: Phil Tran, Ben Burns and Darcy Kean.

Email: LinkedIn

97. ibackpacker: Australia’s #1 Backpacker Jobs Network

Website: http://ibackpacker.com.au/

Founder: Shane Martz

Email: info@ibackpacker.com.au

98. Elev.io: The 24/7 support concierge for your website.

Website: https://elev.io/

Cofounder: Matt Trimarchi

Email: matt@elev.io

99. Streaks App: Helps users form good habits.

Website: http://streaksapp.com

Founder: Quentin Zervaas

Email: support@streaksapp.com

100. Produce Run: Call Dibs On High Quality, Farm Fresh Food Today. Join Your Community And Buy Direct From Local Farmers

Website: http://www.producerun.com/

Founder: Will Pattison

Email: will@producerun.com

If there are any startups on this list that would like any information changed, please email me via: luke@ghacklabs.com. And, if you are an Australian startup that would like to be featured on the next upcoming list — feel free to email me, and i’ll happily include you

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