Holiday Trip Korea — A Trip to South Korea Must Start from Seoul!

Undoubtedly South Korea is one of the most stunning and amazing country in this world. There are so many statements made about this country by the previous travelers that can really push you hard to plan for your next holiday trip to Korea. A trip to South Korea can become more memorable for you when you have proper guidance, Korea tour guide and planning. And when you are traveling from a foreign land to this country, your planning for the tour can really help you to make the whole trip more convenient and more enjoyable. As there are so many places to visit, explore and to take part in so many activities, you cannot just let this trip to South Korea go so cheap! Before you opt for this amazing country to explore its heritage, culture and tradition, you should know a few things about its tourism industry.

It’s the tourism industry in Republic of Korea that has thrived in a great manner. In the recent years, this industry has managed to attract millions of people from across the globe to explore South Korea and its surrounding places. From food to shopping and from exploring the popular tourist locations to taking part in different Korean activities; in this country you will have ample chance to make your dream come true about getting a perfect picture of Korea. In the year 2012, more than eleven million of foreign tourists came to explore South Korea.

This has made South Korea the tourist industry in the Republic of Korea. This statistics has also managed to add several other designations for South Korea from tourism point of view. Due to such a huge flow of foreign tourist, South Korea has also become the 20th most-visited nation in this world. It has also become the 6th most-visited nation in Asia. Most of the visitors coming to South Korea are from China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, you can also see a huge number of English speaking foreign tourists in this country who used to flock from several other parts of the world.

There is another reason why holiday trip Korea has become so popular now days. It’s the popular Korean culture which is also called as Korean Wave has also played a major role in drawing attention of foreign tourists for this country. This popular Korean culture has contributed a lot to increase the flow of foreign tourists for this country. Most of the foreign tourists coming here prefer to arrive at the capital city of Seoul which has also developed as the prime tourist destination in this country over the time.

Due to this reason, most of the experts say that a trip to South Korea should be started from Seoul. This is the right place from where you can start your journey through South Korea and can plan things properly. Once you are done with visiting Seoul you can opt for other popular tourist locations such as Jeju Island and Busan City.