My Entrepreneurial Journey

From Media to FinTech — From India to Switzerland

Early Days:

After passing out from my B-School with experience in Technology Marketing and Human Resource, I started my journey 4 years ago in early 2013 as an entrepreneur. Initially, It was a rough ride I was trying to set up a digital marketing company in India. I had a fair bit experience of digital marketing as a freelancer but that was not enough. I had to learn lot of aspects about being an entrepreneur. Each day I was learning new things & facing new challenges as I had no support at all from any one. I still remember I had just $25 dollars in my debit card and dint know what to do next.

My Motivation:

The reason why I was motivated to start my own venture was to do something for cancer patients and disabled soldiers by making some money through projects as I had lost my loved ones to cancer recently and this literally fired me up.


Initially I did not get much success around 7 months was a tough time but I learnt through good and bad experiences which made me more stronger. I learnt the art of multitasking as an entrepreneur be it Finance, IT, HR, Logistics I was doing it all by once. I understood how close friends and relatives can be deceptive and phony when it comes to business. I tried to learn more about who and how to trust? How to get more confidence going? How to face the hurdles? I started developing my own skills, I almost worked 24/7 with no holidays and less food intake. I cut off myself from the world for a while and I focused on my goals like a sniper.

I started getting early recognition in India in 2014 and then internationally in 2015. I worked with many top clients, entrepreneurs from Harvard, Oxford, Wharton, IITs, IIMs. I learnt a concept called “Growth Hacking” which was invented by a SAP executive at San Jose. I tried to dig deep and learn more about it. I successful introduced my own strategy of combining Digital > Growth > Analytics > Human Behavior Analysis > Product and Service Development in Growth Hacking which was fairly successful in India first and then other parts of the world with over 100 case studies.

Initial Success & Rise With Growth Hacking:

I built India’s first Growth Hacking company YUVIDIGITALand it is profitable now without any external support and operates around the globe with 150 plus B2B clients. Many top MNCs offered to buy it out but I refused to sell my first creation which has taught me so much. I got a great support in my team with Mr. Nikhil Gaikwad and Mr. Prashant Waghmare who stood by me in tough times and made things possible you can see our portfolio here and my detailed CV profile here.

In late 2015, I started focusing my attention towards building technology startups with unique ideas across the globe with my Canadian friend and a business partner Mr. Brodie Gunning. We worked on new projects related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Drones etc. Then I focused my attention towards dealing with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors and was successful in closing a major round of funding for a legal tech project in India. I got a great mentor in Mr. Chandan Gade who is Hedge Fund Manager and a global entrepreneur.

Start 2016, I started battling serious problems in scaling up my business which was now a registered as a company “YUVIDIGITAL”. I had tough times dealing with Indian bureaucracy and financial institutions, I faced corrupt people, lack of support and severe red tape for business expansion and fund raising. This was a bad experience but I learnt from this and found a way to guide me out of all the troubles. Mid 2016 I made it to UAE and Singapore and executed projects there which were high valued in nature with a team of highly influential people and had a major success.

My Love Affair With FinTech:

Mid 2016 was the most beautiful phase and we started working on a FinTech project by Honorable Mr. David Siegel one of the world’s best mind, investor, Ex Harvard and Stanford veteran, world’s first web designer who is featured across the globe and operates in Silicon Valley, New York and Zurich. You can read more about Mr. David here. Well we started off really well and he introduced me to Blockchain world and I decided to take this head on. We were quickly recognized by Tata Group, a close aide of Reliance group. We also started working with a top best Swiss Fintech co called Lykke and helped them achieve 2 million CHF funding with a one of the kind concept called ICO i.e Initial Coin Offering & helped them acquire many users for their app on IOS and Android platform. Then we started working on a dream idea called 2030 you can find details here. I was highly lucky enough to get support from 3 foreign government startup programs and MNCs and was granted a business visa for my great achievements and hard work without any discrimination. My experience with UK, Israel and Switzerland has been highly satisfying I really appreciate their help and support also they valued my talent on merit. I had successful business dealings with top entrepreneurs, government programs and investors in London, Paris and Zurich.

New Era of 2030 and Blockchain:

2030 is our flagship project, we are building “Blockchain” innovation centers across the globe starting London. We are creating a decentralized world which will focus on trying to find solutions to complex problems across different sector using blockchain. We are going to build diverse portfolio of unique ideas. We also have a plan to launch our own crypto currency and change legal, finance, banking, health care segments across top world cities using blockchain. We have successfully developed products related to cryptocurrency, smart contracts, health wallet etc in shortest possible time. We are a team of Ex UBS, Ex Harvard, Growth Hackers and Bootstrappers. We have few great clients, partners, products and a great traction. We have made this company profitable with self funding and immense hard work. Our dream 2030 is now registered in Zurich, Switzerland.

2030 Featured in the media — Business World:

Message to Young Entrepreneurs:

I tell my fellow entrepreneur friends “Follow Your Dreams, If you have the will power to dream big then you have the will power to make your dream come true”. I started from $25 usd to leading a reputed Swiss FinTech company “Impossible Was Nothing”. To become a self made entrepreneur running two internationally profitable businesses sheer passion, dedication is needed and more to come in 2017.

“Need Help” with an Idea, Startup or a Problem? Contact Me -

I am currently busy with my FinTech venture 2030 as a core team member and a main founder. I am looking to scale 2030 up with some help from big investors and VCs. I am open to help fellow entrepreneurs, startups across USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, India who are into FinTech, I.T, Aerospace, IoT, Travel, Fashion, Market Place etc with Consulting, Mentorship, Growth Hacking and Fundraising.

Please reach out to me via email at —

Adventure Has Just Begun !!!!!

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