Then: I don’t care how it looks, just ship it! Now: Ship quality or your product is dead.
Jennifer Aldrich

Polishing something over and over and waiting for the product become ready makes a lot of confusion. Maybe I am the one who is not agree with this totally. Today software doesn’t need to be boxed, bring it to the bookshelfs, and waiting to get the marketing budget get its refund.

As I experienced, everybody wants a product full ready and say we are done. I beleive in continuity. Ship trash if you are a newcomer, and next week ship a better trash and so on. The product never get done or polished fully.

In the near past activecollab released their updated version. But they wait too long. We used their app at my company to manage our projects. The first impression when i saw it was like travelling with a time machine. Can’t beleive they are still there. Our management decided to change to something other. Few days later, got an email about the new activecollab. Maybe they waited to get their product fully ready…

I beleive in the Rework book’s mantra: release early, release often.

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