Guildlings, for Apple Arcade

A starting zone literally called the Quaint, an extremely chilled out goblin clan, and a heroic temple renamed by local teens as the Makeout Temple are some of the ways Guildlings acknowledges and jabs at traditional RPG settings. The games’ first chapter, released Friday on Apple Arcade, takes its time introducing its characters and world, but the relaxed experience resonated with me. Though it only took me three hours to complete all the available content, I felt connected to the characters and the world they inhabit.

Richter addressing Dracula in the prologue to Symphony of the Night.

Much has been made over Castlevania Requiem’s use of re-localized dialogue and voice acting from the 2007 PSP release of Symphony of the Night, instead of the infamous 1997 original. Most people seem to miss the hammy and ridiculous writing and delivery — even the game recognizes the popularity of the original translation. A counter-narrative has developed, however, that people who miss the original translation do so as a result of a mix of irony and nostalgia. The new translation, the argument goes, is more faithful to the original Japanese. …

Ian Gregory

Freelance writer. Host of Mech Ado About Nothing. Bad.

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