Why You Hate Working Out

You can hardly breathe.

It’s your last set at the bicep curl machine at your local 25 Hour Fitness.

You don’t want to be here.

You see a sexy blonde working her ass out on the ellipticals. Yet that perfectly sculpted ass isn’t enough to distract you from the immense pain you’re feeling in your biceps.

It’s been a year since you hit the gym, but you finally convinced yourself to get off your ass and go. But every minute that you’re there, you’re just wishing you could be back home playing League of Legends.

Somehow, you manage to muster up the strength to push through those last few reps, and on that final one, your arms tremble as your face turns redder than a freshly popped cherry. With one last effort, you push yourself beyond your physical limits and complete that last repetition.

At this point, you absolutely hate life.

You can barely move your arms, but luckily you can call it a day and head home now. Woohoo!

Feels good right?


You’re only hope is that when you go to the gym tomorrow you’ll be accompanied by another dazzling view of a girls ass to numb the pain of working out.

But you won’t see that new ass, because you won’t go to the gym tomorrow…

How do I know this? Well let me ask you a few things, and be honest with yourself.

- How would you describe your day at the gym? Painful? Annoying?

- Do you feel like people at the gym judge you for not being able to lift very heavy weights?

- Are you a person who felt lazy, but pushed themselves to go to the gym anyway, only to have an unrewarding experience?

- Are you worried that you’re going to quit working out after only a couple of times?

Did you answer honestly? Good. I have just one more question.

Who the hell would want to continue to do something that only causes them pain, annoyance, and stress? Isn’t the point of working out to look and feel good?

I’ve already told you the reason why you hate working out, can you find out which sentence it’s in? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the one about the blonde girl’s ass.

You hate working out because it’s a painful experience.

You might think that sounds obvious, but listen up, here’s why this is such a big deal.

If you continue to associate feelings of pain and unhappiness with working out, you are psychologically conditioning yourself to receive negative stimuli when you go to the gym or workout.

In more simple terms, here’s what this means…

You’re literally fucking yourself over.

Now when you think, “Should I go to the gym today?” You’ll remember all the feelings of stress and discomfort you felt at the gym, and end up making an excuse for not going such as “I just don’t have the time today.”

If you’re putting in all this effort to get fit, why would you put the odds against you by training your mind to hate working out?

It’s inefficient.

It’s ineffective.

It’s wasting your time.

You want to build yourself to become the best “you” possible.

You want girls to see that you’re a man who improves himself and can take care of a woman.

You want a better fucking body so you’ll be respected, and you’ll respect yourself.

But having this mental barrier WILL deter you from your path to success.

This is how you break the barrier…

If you’re just getting started in working out, don’t go 150%.

At first, I didn’t like the sound of that because it made me feel like a bit of a pussy.

“What the hell? Don’t go 150%? I’m not a little bitch, I can go hard as fuck.”

Calm down, Rocky.

Going 150% at the beginning could hurt you in the long run. Like I said earlier, by going “hard as fuck” at the beginning, you’re training yourself to dislike working out, and therefore, you’re more likely to quit.

Working out is a not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

True results only come from months of hard work and proper technique. Not to mention, repeatedly pushing your muscles past their limits could seriously damage your nervous system.

Harder doesn’t always mean better.

So you don’t need to push yourself in every exercise until you are screaming at the top of your lungs and can’t move your arms anymore.

Muscles build through proper tension, not exhaustion.

By focusing on your technique and not killing your muscles, you’ll find that working out is a much more energizing experience.

You won’t feel fatigued and drained from your workout, but instead you’ll feel excited and prepared to take on the rest of your day.

I want you to really not push yourself at the beginning. I want you to end your workout thinking to yourself, “Is that it? Come on I can go harder than that, that was nothing!”

Do this for the first couple of weeks of working out, and you’ll subconsciously train your mind to love going to the gym.

You’ll be automatically motivated without even having to think about it, and you actually look forward to going to the gym. Crazy right?

After a couple of weeks of doing this, you can THEN pick up the pace.

Here’s a couple tips I learned from my personal trainer, Mark. This will also help you psychologically train yourself.

When you’re finished with your workout, do three things…

- Take five BIG deep breathes

- Do a power move

- Power yell

Taking deep breaths after a workout releases endorphins (shit that makes you feel good.)

It’s like taking a minute to just relax, breathe, and acknowledge that you put in work today.

Next, do a power move and give me your best power yell, or battle cry. This is me with my trainer showing you what a power move looks like…

Do I look like silly? Yes.

Do I give a fuck? No.

And that’s because I’m receiving all the rewards from being a healthy person and working out.

By doing a power move and power yell you are taking a moment to empower yourself. It’s the equivalent of saying “FUCK YEAH I DID IT. I WORK HARD, I CAN BE GREAT. FUCK FUCKING YES!”

Do these three steps to associate good feelings with working out, and I guarantee going to the gym is going to be your favorite part of the day. And if you’re embarrassed of doing this at the gym, do it in your car.

What we learned today…

Going to the gym and working out in general takes a lot of effort. Conditioning yourself to psychologically enjoy working out takes off pressure and automatically solves a lot of potential issues. Put in the work to get conditioned right now, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of failure in the future.



<Reposted here with permission from simplepickup.com>