Why I’m at MATC

I started going to MATC about 5 years ago in 2011. I chose MATC for the price and location. I wanted to be able to work while going to school so I didn’t want to have to move states or cities in order to stay in school. I’ve stuck with it due to the diversity of IT programs they have. I hope to finish both the IT Mobile Application Development and the IT Programmer/Analyst programs within the next year. After I get those degrees I plan on testing and studying for a few certifications and possibly moving into a Networking program here at MATC. I chose IT because I have always been facinated with computers from a very early age. My father let me use my first machine in around ‘97 when I was 4 years old. I enjoyed using Windows 95 and playing video games and watching my dad take apart and put the machine back together. Since then I have been extremely enjoying using computers for any sort of purpose.

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