Resident Evil 7 Review: Good but Not as Good as P.T. Was Gonna Be

Man, P.T. aka Silent Hills Was Gonna Be Awesome

Considered the grandfather of the survival horror genre, the Resident Evil series has been a benchmark for memorable characters, knuckle-whitening gameplay, and intense scares since its release on Playstation in 1996. Though the series has recently been accused of dropping the survival horror elements in favor of being an ammo-heavy shooter, Resident Evil 7 is a return to true horror form. That’s why it’s such a shame that it’s just not as good as P.T. was going to be.

Giving up the sprawling cities of previous games, Resident Evil 7 scales down to a more intimate location. Though the series’ more science-fiction based elements have been left behind as well, the new setting allows for a more concentrated focus on immediate intensity resulting in a terrifying affair. Resident Evil has always found inspiration in old horror movies, but this is more House on Haunted Hill than Night of the Living Dead in terms of scope. Which is cool, I guess, but P.T. was going to have Norman Reedus. Yes, Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. What?!

Can you even believe this shit?

For the first time, players entering the infamous world of survival horror can play in VR. This isn’t simply an afterthought in design. The entire game has been built from the ground up for the VR experience. Even without the headset, Resident Evil 7 is played in first person mode. Ditching the third person perspective is a welcome step for the series, as it truly allows the scares and tension to be represented through the player’s experience. The cut scenes now flow seamlessly with the gameplay to deliver shocks. But not as shocking as when you finished the P.T. demo and Silent Hills slowly faded in. Oh my god! Only Kojima could make a demo for a game and not even mention what game it is for until the end. That was so crazy! Man, fuck Konami.

Fuck Konami.

Fuck Konami.

And JUNJI ITO WAS GONNA BE WORKING ON IT! If you don’t know who he is, he’s the Japanese manga master of horror. Do you have any idea how fucking cool that game was going to be? God dammit. GOD DAMMIT. Look at how scary this is.


In conclusion, fans of the Resident Evil series who might have been turned off by the reliance on shooter gameplay since Resident Evil 5 should definitely pick up the latest in the series if they want a return to the series’ horror roots. It’s definitely a game worth playing. Yeah… yeah… But P.T. was going to be life-changing. Man, whatever.