Agency, foresight, genius, winging it, sieves—a year’s living in copywriting, 09/52.

Thank you to the inimitable Angi Arrington for everything not copy.

This is a weekly record of something I wrote, something I learned, something I felt, something I read, and something I asked.

Documents of bewilderment written during moments of inspiration and stress, mundanity and enlightenment — as a copywriter, a father, a person blinking into days I don’t understand but recognize I must live anyway.


The difference between family and community is agency. Every day you go to work with us is a choice. Whether out in the field or back in the office, you choose to be here. You choose to belong. You choose this community as much as this community chooses you.


We never see the future coming. Only the past sitting squarely on top of us.

Agency, foresight, genius, winging it, and sieves.


The mind is a sieve.


“A genius is the man who can do the average thing when everyone else around him is losing his mind.” | Napoleon


At what point do you realize that everyone — except, let’s hope, data scientists, structural engineers, plumbers, and electricians — is winging it?

Next week, 10/52: Kingdoms. Ink. Tiny. Earth. Ghosts.

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