Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

Hey there Liz! I’ve been a JS developer now for 3 years and I’ve been working with Angular 2 since it’s beginning. I personally love it and have relatively few headaches, but much of that has to do with the fact that I was very familiar with the ecosystem and I had already used half a dozen frameworks across 4 languages and built my own web framework in Dart. When I first started working in JS, I was pretty much hitting my head on my desk everyday. Our ecosystem is very different than Java and it’s going to take time to learn it, but you can do it! I’m not really sure how you got onto Angular 2, but learning it is not trying to learn a new game on hard core mode (I do that with every new video game haha). What you did is like picking up a controller for the very first time ever to play Dark Souls to figure out if video games are fun. I wouldn’t blame you if you threw your PC out the window or smashed it into more pieces than the printer from Office space haha.

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