If you you wait and see you won’t see anything

The awkward truth is that totalitarianism is fairly comfortable for a lot of people for a long time.

While I’ve never lived under totalitarianism I’ve spent time in some (Mubarak’s Egypt, Suharto’s Indonesia, Mahathir’s Malaysia). In these countries most people went about their daily business quite freely. The fell in love, started businesses, gossiped with their friends, watched television. There were significant parts of the countries that were not ok - political dissidents, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists - but most of the people, most of the time, were doing just fine, and so was everyone around them.

If we just wait and see how the Trump administration affects our lives, for most of us the effects will be minor and possibly even positive. I'm a straight white upper middle class cis white man. I'm an immigrant but with a green card and no discernible accent. I will be okay.

Our coastal bubbles of privilege will protect us from harm like they protected us from seeing what was going on in the country. Our friends of color, our queer friends, our Muslim friends who are in our our cities will be mostly okay - or at least not much worse off than they have been.

We need to look out of our bubbles, not just to understand the country that elected Trump, but more to protect the most vulnerable. Unless we go looking we won’t see the voter suppression, the refugees stuck in war zones, the violence against gay kids or the immigrants dying at the border.

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