Project 5 week 3 Cohort 3
Dean Little

Hi Dean, thanks for sharing your thoughts around the immunity map.

May immediate reaction is that this process has value for you, but you probably have not minded it enough, after all it is a journey that probably never ends, but going to the next level of conscious will enable your behaviours to change and be more adapted for your evolving purpose (aka Frederic Laloux — Reinventing Organisations), so worth the effort.

The key statements I took from your publication were:

“1. I’m committed to getting better and showing patience. Showing patience in my decisions and dealings with people.”

You use the word ‘showing’, not ‘being’ is that significant? If you were being patient what behaviours would you manifest? Do you?

“The value I hold that may be holding me back I the need to compete or win. However this comes back to what defines success. Something to consider I think.”

If you are ‘competing & winning’ how does the other party feel, is it appropriate? If the goal is to create a collaborative and trusting environment to enable self-management, where is the tipping-point for your success and failure.

The key to the immunity to change exercise (ITC) to understand the new thinking and behaviours that you could adopt and test / experiment with these changes to improve your outcomes. On page 59–60 of the ITC instructions there is are two questions to test the validity of the Big Assumption — I am particularly interest in the SMART criteria and the creation of evidence about my actual performance on these issues.

Happy to speak in the future, as I don’t find it very easy to give written feedback for this type of exercise without the feedback of a dialogue.

Bon voyage