Unpicking the Knot

Ian Bailey
4 min readMar 21, 2022


So I did a blog about knots and the current state of enterprise software. This blog explains how our CORE product helps unpick that knot in a controlled, incremental way.

Quick recap — if your organisation is big enough, and it’s been around for long enough, your enterprise IT will be a knot of systems so interdependent that changing one has a huge knock-on effect on the others. Alternatively, you might have gone with a monolith, which is generally just as hard to change. Either way, if you want to transform your business, you need to change your tech. Changing it all at once is…er…brave. The knot stops you changing it piece-by-piece, so the business is left unable to transform, and every digital challenger comes along erodes market and reputation.

The Telicent CORE platform is all about giving you a controlled way to unpick the knot. No more massively expensive big-bang “cutovers”, no more shuffling the org chart and calling it “digital transformation”, CORE is a digital backbone for continuous transformation and growth and hooks up to your existing systems and data feeds.

CORE watches for new data and changes to existing data making it available to the next generation of applications.

The CORE platform cleanses, resolves and converts the incoming data before making it available to subscribing “smart caches” (databases plus API) on which apps can be built. For the architecture geeks, CORE implements the Event Sourcing and CQRS patterns, along with an extensible 4D ontology (giving us an opinionated data model that grows and adapts with your requirements). All built on open data standards from the W3C, and accessed through secure, industry-standard APIs.

We’ve built some applications to help bring the platform to life, but the eventual aim is that the clients build their own, and we hope to have a thriving marketplace of third-party applications.

All data in CORE is indexed for search — in a one-stop web-like search app
All data in CORE is cleansed and linked — it can be navigated in our knowledge graph app

The CORE platform gives you a way to transform your business by recognising the value is in your data not in your systems. We give you a way to make that data available in a secure, open platform, and to be able to make the transformation in a controlled manner.

Controlled transformation and managed end-of-life for legacy systems

The key differentiators — opinionated data model and isolation between applications can be hard to communicate to enterprise IT decision makers whose backgrounds are often in infrastructure rather than data. The applications are intended to showcase the benefits and agility these approaches can bring.

The CORE platform is totally open. This is really important as there is increasing awareness of the dangers of “lock-in” in the enterprise community. CORE will be released as open source, and utilises open data formats such as W3C’s RDF, and industry standard data models. This open approach has already got us traction in the defence and digital twin sectors, and some early interest from the financial sector where the software-as-a-knot problem is well understood.

We’ll be putting out more blogs that dig into some of the technical specifics over the next few months. In the meantime, if you want to find out more, get in touch and we’ll show you the platform and the apps. We’re an early-stage start-up running on revenues (we haven’t taken any investment) and we’re actively scouting for further enthusiastic early adopters to work with. We’re growing rapidly, and looking for talented developers who want to make a difference.



Ian Bailey

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