Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

Nothing screams party unity quite like an article that starts off with accusing Progressives within their own party of being complicit with Russians in undermining election integrity. But when that same article is peppered with complete ignorance of why Progressive Economic Models worked for more than 50 years in the 20th Century, I call for a Progressive card-check.

Tax and Spend is what the GOP call Progressive Economics, and I would expect someone who probably calls themselves Progressive (you are not, to be clear) to defend a cornerstone of the policy that was and is part of FDR’s legacy. FDR, you know, the guy who basically won over the 90% of people you say can’t be sold on “tax and spend” economics because you failed MicroEcon as a freshman? It isn’t a revenue generation program, you dolts. It’s an incentive to SPEND. It is also an incentive to avoid stockpiling vast sums of cash instead of investing it in their businesses to increase efficiency and productivity, resulting in lower costs and higher sales, which in turn, grows the economy in a sustainable and real way. You know, Capitalism? Half of our mixed economy model? Or where exactly do you expect the money for all of your liberal pipe dreams to manifest? No taxes, increased social programs, a DNC mug for every man woman and child, a perfect world that exists only in your condescending heads? You’re delusional.

Bernie doesn’t need to move a finger to dismantle the Democratic Party. Liberals have been systematically doing that, and in so doing, gave Republicans a caricature of an effete liberal snob whose only contribution to the success of OUR party in the last 100 years is to demand political correctness and decorum, successfully alienate every state South of Kentucky including once safe Progressive districts, fell asleep while Republicans snuck in and remapped the entire electorate map giving them a virtually guaranteed House majority until the next census, putting the party and its rank and file ahead of policy or true progressives while decrying party politics, and to scream “MISOGYNY” any time someone offers a counter argument to Hillary’s policy (the 2017 one, not the the 1993 one that we all agreed was much better until recently, apparently). No, it wasn’t Russians or “traitors” that lost the election. It was sycophants like the two of you who look right past their own defecation to ask you what smells.

If this were the 1920s again, and FDR was again running for President. it would be YOU that would be calling for his “outlandish dreams” and “unfounded ideas” to be cast aside in favor of “proven” policy. And like a good worthless effete liberal cartoon, you played right into the Republican playbook that had them become a viable party again after FDR nearly severed their heads in the 40s. By demonizing YOU. Not our party, YOU. The liberal became the new face of the Democratic Party and you relished in your celebrity, not realizing the country wasn’t laughing with you. Maybe you need to watch more cartoons. Elmer Fudd gets it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOX0_FUGM6k

Apparently liberals were too busy throwing paint on fur to bother educating themselves about the foundations the Progressive wing of this party helped build without any help from you. While you’re busy gaining signatures for a referendum on the unfairness of being a big tent party, Progressives will be busy taking the party back at the local level. Election by election, precinct by precinct, we’ll be reminding our country why Progressive isn’t a dirty word and why we are the original and only populist wing of this party. You’re welcome to join us if you promise to educate yourself on the history of Progressivism, or you can be curb-stomped trying to stop us. We know how to get things done. We’ve been doing it for you for close to 80 years now. You mad, bro? Tough sh!%.