A Pathway to Prosecuting High Seas Criminals
Mark Young

Hi Mark,

It actually did not take a whole lot of convincing; my editor, Rebecca Corbett, warmed to the idea almost immediately. I think one of the attractions to it was that the subject was such an unexplored realm. This was a place that we figured most of readers had never visited. We figured: why not take people there? But the more that we looked into the importance of the high seas — for the health of the planet, for world trade, for the promise of future bio-medical research, for its role as a central provider of protein (fish) to such a large part of the world’s population — we felt like the focus needed little justification. I talked a bit more about what motivated me personally to want to explore the stories at sea in this Longform interview. As far as the second question is concerned, the short answer is YES. There were a huge number of angles and stories that ended up on the cutting floor. Some of them I am picking back up now. So, until I figure out what I may do next, I should probably duck this question.