Taming the Outlaw Ocean

A digital roundtable on the future of the high seas

The New York Times recently ran a series called The Outlaw Ocean, which was a ​deep exploration of lawlessness on the high seas that touched on a broad array of crimes including murder, slavery, dumping, and abuse of stowaways and crew. The series took a year and a half to produce and involved reporting in ten countries. Medium asked me, as the reporter of the series, to hold a Q&A with several experts.

Included panelists are:

  • John Hocevar, oceans campaign director at Greenpeace
  • Lisa Speer, international oceans program director at NRDC
  • Steve Trent, co-founder of the Environmental Justice Foundation
  • Mark Young, senior conservation enforcement officer at The Pew Charitable Trust

You can ask me any questions of your own by clicking “write a response,” below. Follow Medium’s Outlaw Oceans tag for more on this topic. And this related post on Pacific tuna fishermen from Greenpeace is worth your time as well.