Starting Anew

Image source: Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village. Private collection.

The snow falls gently from the trees
 Like I sometimes fall gently from grace

One thing nature does
 It allows everything fully
 No fight, no flight
 Just acceptance of what is
 And when nature truly fights
 It feels seemingly natural
 Like there’s a greater purpose to it all
 Although being in the midst of it
 Can seem like a tremendous ordeal

The human mind works in other ways
 Can I do it?
 Am I good enough?
 What will they think of me?
 Mountains of doubt
 Been brought on by years and years of failure
 Stumbling and slowly getting up
 Now I’m asked to do it once more
 Can I find the strength from within?
 Or from the outside maybe?
 I hope so, I really do
 I know one thing
 Looking and being with nature
 Is a hell of a good start


Ian Altosaar