The World In a State of Extreme Transition
Schuyler Brown

I think that, again, the problems have been listed very eloquently in this article, however I feel that the solutions are a little light on detail and seem to be confined to broad strokes. All major changes tend to come from development of better tools and technology: stone age, bronze age, industrialization, etc. So I think the only way to solve these problems is through technology.

I am convinced that the technology already exists to correct global problems but governments are too scared to implement these changes. Imagine if oil became redundant? If major pharmaceutical developments radically changed medicine. Imagine if 3D printing using chemicals replaced mainstream manufacturing techniques, all data could be stored using DNA on a micro-scale, electricity requirements reduced to a minimum, etc. What would happen to all those employees? What would happen with to the global wealth hoarded by the few? How would we live faced with zero employment prospects? These are the important questions that need answers so the technology can be released and the world returned to a nurturing planet rather than a toxic dump. Once those questions are answered and the government realize there really is no other option — then we will see an improvement in global conditions.