Everybody needs a mentor..

My name is Bogdan, i’m 25, big fan of self-development and working as a Marketer. I’m mentoring people for the last 4 years, and there’re people who mentor me during life. In this article I want to share my ideas about mentorship phenomena and why to find yourself a mentor.

Most of the things in your life can be learn by yourself.

But what if you skip some of the mistakes or choose other path in the right moment? So why do i need a mentor you may ask? Simply, it ain’t how cool or skilled you’re, its about how you overcome the changes and tough moments in your life. You can be 100% confident in yourself today, but tomorrow can be a totally different situation. So my point is that you need a mentor to keep you self-aware, to be on the same point with your life, to get what you’re worth and keep moving forward! That's why you need a mentor.

Who can be considered as a mentor?

Sure, you can go to Google and find hundreds of websites where you can find a personal coach and trainer, but that’s NOT what is a real mentor. A real mentor is a person who can understand your pain points, awake you and guide through solving them by having the understanding about the topic of the problem. Thus, I can define a mentor as a person who has an honest will to help others and strong expertise in your particular field.

So what for we need a mentor?

Sounds like not an easy question, right? Not really. In most cases you’ll need a mentor during different important moments in your life. For example almost all kids are seeking their mentor and if they haven’t found none, the will find a role model. During the school years, university, even army, and afterwards during the mature period and after retirement.

How to find a mentor for yourself?

And here we are in the situation when we realize that we need a mentor to understand who we need to become in the future, for example. How to find a mentor for our purpose? Simply, you need to find a person who has enough authority in your eyes and has similar views on life. Voila, first step done, afterwards, you’ll need just to find a motivation for that person to help you. Maybe it would be just a lunch once a week when you can ask your questions, get feedback and tell about your progress.

Why being a mentor to somebody can be a new discovery for you?

Let me through a curveball and start with a quote:

I think a role model is a mentor — someone you see on a daily basis, and you learn from them. Denzel Washington

By being a mentor, trainer or teacher to somebody you’re getting better and clearer understanding on your subject. For example, if you’ll look on case or problem from a different perspective, new solutions and ideas most probably will come to you.

Mentorship is an energy exchange. And what’s good with it is when you’re guiding somebody and see great results, you’re proud for your investment into that person. And what’s even more better, this person will be much thanksful for all your help. Isn’t that awesome?

So what's next?

First of all, I want to thank you for reading until this part! Really, thank you. This was my first Medium article.

In my next article, I'm planning to tell you guys how to ask for mentorship, track progress and define situations when you’ll need a mentor. So make sure to follow me and don’t miss it ;)

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