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If abortion is illegal suddenly then doctors will not be delivering abortion services.

And it is principally by regulating doctors, in order to regulate abortion, that most states have tried to eliminate abortion.

So ironically, getting doctors out of the business means that the best available method for regulating abortion goes out the window.

If you get rid of Roe v Wade, you dont by this means alone change the history. You can’t really turn back the clock. So the legality of abortion for the decades and decades of time that has passed since Roe v. Wade has meant that technology has moved on. There is no no real requirement for a doctor and no real role of a doctor in abortion any longer for 99% of women.

So basically it is too late. Whether it is because Roe v Wade has been overturned, or whether it is because women refuse to jump through the procedural hoops imposed by state legislatures on a doctor mediated abortion, women will abandon entirely the use of a doctor.

And it was the two party abortion, a doctor plus a woman, that produced all the records, and the invasion of privacy, and all the expenses. A one party abortion is cheap, easy, immediate, and entirely private. Only the woman knows.

Its trite to say that if you obtain a monopoly on the delivery of service, eliminating all you competitors, you are going to have a healthy business. And eliminating Roe. v Wade will reduce the alternatives for obtaining an abortion down to one, taking medication. So the new abortion procedure becomes simple. You take the pregnancy test. If it is positive you go to your jewelry case, and take out a packet of misprostol, which you have had in you possession for some time in case of emergency. And you take the pills. No records, no insurance claim, no hospital bill, no lost time from work, no explanation to husband, employer, or local cleric, nada. Just peaceful private personal business.

All the hard work of pro-life types is merely building the business of a local dealer in misoprostol. No need to rush out and get the drug, or wait in line for services at a clinic, with idiot repeat visits demanded by the legislature, and the doctor has to actually watch you swallow the pill, and his place of business has to meet certain special codes and structural requirements, all that nonsense is gone. Everybody buys it in advance of need, keeps it handy, takes the preparation minutes after discovering the pregnancy. In private. unrecorded uncounted undiscussed, uncounselled, unprayed over, unberated.

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