If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

You know you had me until you started to talk about rural Americans boycotting. then you blew it.

You forget that the rest of the world exists. Something Americans typically do by the way. Those underserved markets in the blue states will simply be snapped up by suppliers from the rest of the world. Farmers who stop selling their crops even for a gnats life span of time go under, and in the US, are now owned by someone whose feelings are not hurt. I cant believe you did any research into the current circumstances of farmers in the US: many are hanging on by their fingertips. And why you think large cartel farming corporations will go emotional, I guess you just got carried away

I was willing to believe that Trump supporters might just give up on the system and become non participants. But the one thing we know about Trump supporters is they are still looking for a way to participate in politics that is no more demanding than ordering takeout. They want to make a vote, and then go back to their lives, and just expect things will be better. Obviously the anti trumpers have more muscle tone than that. And greater attention span. And an ability to read more than 140 characters. Ultimately these advantages will tell. What you report from the pollsters is not a result of Trumpers learning new things and becoming politicized, it is signs they are already hibernating. Opioid use has skyrocketed in those red areas: people are medicating themselves and waiting for it to be over, when they can wake up to a dream America. Ask yourself why Trump is sure his supporters are not paying any attention to what he is doing?

Having said this your article fails to analyze the outcome of a far more likely scenario than Impeachment: Trumps resignation. He has his own personal copy of the national classified information archives for future use in his businesses. He now regulates the banking sector that wouldnt loan him money before. His Russian ties will fade with the morning dew now that he can borrow from anyone, and offer regulatory quid pro quo. So why exactly does he want to remain in the only place where he cannot exercise his right to refuse to answer questions? Which is were he would be in an actual contested impeachment proceeding: thought you forgot that due process doesnt apply to impeachment trials. The constitution gives congress the right to conduct trial by fire if they want to.

If Trump resigns there is not great upswell against the establishment because Trump will have gone voluntarily. By your own logic. What we now see are signs that impeachment is possible, but is being pursued at a stately pace that will not bear fruit until sometime in mid 2018, and Trump will resign before it happens, and the GOP hope close enough to the 2018 elections to wrong foot the democrats campaign planning.

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