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Quotes on friendship are spread all over the internet. Whereas some quotes are profound and multi-layered, most of them are short and easy to understand. As word-finesses, they try to get to the heart of the term friendship in shortly arranged letters. Nevertheless, most of them leave one important question unanswered: What are fundamentals of a true friendship?

Everyone is coming up with different thoughts here. “Spending a lot of time together defines friendship”. “Meeting the same people regularly is the most important”. “Being in the same sports team, that’s it!”. Apparently, the scale of what can be regarded as…

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Like a virus, it infests our youth. Shielded from the public and almost invisible, it’s basically everywhere you look: career pressure.

Especially young students seem to feel it enormous. Working through the weekend became a normality. The time not being available for family and hobbies isn’t worth mentioning. To live for the job or university has been established as common or even prestigious.

Show performance. Keep up. Being better. The baton of our generation. Like books and parties, mental illnesses now belong to the average students’ daily life. …

Minimalism has become a very useful tool for me in the last couple of years. Not only could I separate myself from unnecessary clutter but I was also psychologically released by the mind shift. While the concept of minimalism does not restrict itself on decluttering and sorting-out, it also motivates you to live a more simple and thoughtful life. This includes relationships, acquaintances, friends, obligations or work life. Minimalism can help you to see the forest for the trees again and to gain perspective on the way you want to live your life.

At work, I recognized that I naturally…

If comparing yourself to others was a sport, I would likely be world champion. I have the excellent and highly trained skill to switch to “compare-mode” in less than a second. A short example would be this:

Person: “I will do my bachelor degree this year, then my masters degree and then I will work for XYZ. But I don’t want to stress myself — I am only 21 years old after all.”

My mind: “JESUS F****** CHRIST, OK — I am 24 so I will be 3 years older when she/he is starting at XYZ. Shit ok I am…

In my childhood, praying was something I did quite regularly. Well, you couldn’t exactly call it praying since most of the time, it was a 15–20 times repetition of phrases like “Please make sure that our house doesn’t burn down tonight” or “Please make sure that no burglars break into our house tonight” (Note how I excessively used the polite imperative). A part of the procedure surely could be attributed to a small neurosis that I seemed to have as a kid — why else should I’ve repeated these mantras that often. But overall, I have to admit that the…

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Minimalist. Vegan. Writer. https://www.ianchorfolk.com

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