The Forest’s Fear

Drops of light encased in dew,

glistened in the faintest dawn,

where darkness had engulfed the wild

newborn rays of sunlight shone.

All was quiet save the breeze,

who softly spoke to waking trees,

that morn had come,

and night had run,

to distant lands and mountains higher,

no more with wind could it conspire

to bend and break and vengeance take

through night's darkest hours.

Gentle rays of morning light,

found passage through the forest deep,

mossy robes of primal green,

cloaked ancient timbers in their sleep.

Veils of mist, from branches kissed, by sunshine

rose to greet the dawn,

the light of day

in its own way

had come again

to soothe and calm

…the forest’s fear of darkness.