Headed west from Budapest, found myself a-cruising

Cross the Danube, through the woods, no more time for losing.

Pedaled hard towards the sun, hoped someone would be there

Never felt so all alone, never felt so free there.

Ancient castles, forests deep, rivers long a-winding

Mountains ‘gainst the bluest sky, the sun, my eye a-blinding.

Foxes peering from the corn, misty morn, a-riding

Roadside Jesus smiled at me, he knew what I was hiding.

Wind against my face all day, come what may, a-wheeling

Psychlepath I’m on your way, thank you for the feeling.

Many smiles across the miles, unknown tongues a-speaking

“Why is it you come this way, what is it you’re seeking?”

Riding on, another song, in my head a-singing,

Through the valley heard the call of village bells a-ringing.

Mountain river slowly flowing, me upon my flute a-blowing

Looking at the flowers growing, where is it that I am going?

Psychlepath please take me where, no one else can find me,

Moving foward’s easier, than trying to look behind me.

Always rode with brother Fred, laughing as we rode ahead

“Enjoy life while you can,” he said,

Psychlepath until I’m dead.