Shiawase 幸

Went walking with my little friend,

Through the forest to the river bend.

Don’t know where my trail will end,

But that’s alright with me.

Saw fish swimming in the sky,

Against the currents, way up high.

Didn’t ask the reason why,

They seemed alright to me.

Met a monkey sitting in a tree,

Grinning, he looked down to me,

“Are you from Humanity?

You seem alright to me.”

Smelled a lily in a lake,

Had to give my head a shake.

The fragrance made my soul awake,

It seemed so nice to me.

Came upon a giant stone,

Whose face was happy like my own.

Never thought such things could be,

But it’s alright with me.

Caught a petal in the air,

Put it in m’ Lady’s hair.

Everything I loved was there,

She seemed alright to me.