Head Graphic Designer Interview

Before we start with my questions, I want to let you know that I will be sharing a summary of this meeting with a group of students in my Business Communications course at UMD. I will be creating an Informational Interview Reflection blog post synthesizing and summarizing key findings from our interviews to share on our course website. Is this okay with you? May we credit you by name and title in our report?

Is this information correct? [pre-research these details and confirm with them]

Name: Joshua Beman

Title/Position: Head Graphic Designer

Company: Beman Branding & Design

Industry: Graphic Design

Career, Company, Industry; Skills, Success

Question 1: How did you get into your field? “I got into my field because I realized in college how important art was to me and I also realized that it was what I am meant to do, so I started self teaching myself graphic design.”

Question 2: What is your favorite thing about this field? “I love the creativity that this field allows you to have.”

Question 3: What is your least favorite thing about this field? “I dislike the fact that even though copyright laws exist, you can still get your creativity stolen by others who know how to make their work seem original.”

Question 4: What do you wish you would have known 5–10 years ago? “I wish I would have known how important networking is in business”

Question 5: Is there someone specifically who pushed you to get to this spot? “No one specifically , besides myself”

Question 6: What is the biggest downfall of running your own brand? “Being in charge of absolutely everything from taxes, to designing to financing.”

Questions about the Contact for the BCOM Assignment (required)

Could you please describe the typical kinds of writing you do and tell me a bit about each? “I mostly do email writing but if not, I usually meet with clients at coffee shops or have meetings via Skype”.

What do you find most challenging about your day-to-day writing? “It’s difficult sometimes to have a cheerful tone while keeping seriousness.”

How would you describe the balance between written and oral communication in your workplace? “I think there is a good balance because there are just as many phone calls / face time meetings as there are sit down in person meetings”

Questions about personal advice

Question 1: Can you give me advice after looking over my portfolio and resume? “I think your work looks great, and I can tell youre establishing a unique style of your own. I think you need to keep building on this style and do what you can to set yourself apart from other young designers”.

Question 2: What put you ahead of your peers when job hunting? “ Having a diverse and unique portfolio that was full of different content.”

Question 3: What are your best tips for interviews? “To be yourself and stay confident in your work.”

Question 4: Are there any skills in the graphic design field that are growing in need? “I think overall proficiency in the creative cloud is only growing in importance.”

Friendly Close

Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it more than you know. I will be sure to keep in contact with you and to share a copy of the final Report.

I was surprised to hear about Joshua’s comments about creativity and how it can be stolen easily if you don’t protect yourself. I think I performed well during the interview because I was able to keep it friendly but also professional. I will definitely continue to work on my portfolio and work on developing my style.