Her name was Teresa Halbach: What Netflix Missed with “Making a Murderer”
Diana Alvear

I can understand your point but just because someone was murdered doesn’t mean a random “someone” out there has to pay to even the score. Only the individual who committed the crime should pay. The Hallbachs and much of Manitowoc county are severely guilty of Steven Avery’s fate and should watch the documentary and redirect their unfounded hatred to the guilty party or parties still out there at large threatening other young women, like Teresa. I encourage any one who actually believes in Avery’s and Dassey’s guilt to watch the series. If you still find Steve and Brendan guilty after that viewing, you’re delusional. Clearly, they were framed by dirty cops, incompetent lawyers, stubborn judges and a sinful prejudice toward the Avery family. They were outcasts from their community from the beginning and just because the county and its citizens thought they were uneducated, sloppy, awkward trailer trash, doesn’t mean they don’t have the same rights as the Hallbach family, for example. That family and their sympathizers are very deceived indeed when it comes to Steven Avery. Spend 10 hours, watch the series.