A great team, A Bigger Dream

Image credit: Google images

Its been a few days already into my week one of the two-week-long Andela Uganda Bootcamp. To say a few days would sound like just a few in the sense of the word but to me, it has literally been more than just that, because of the great teammates I have been working with so far. I first met my teammates after we assigned to different teams each under a learning facilitator.

When the names were displayed with different teams, I quickly looked through and I could not recognize a familiar name on my team other than mine. Well, I said to myself, if this is the team for me, then I have to be one with the team. The team, as I like to refer to it was led to the parking lot for a brief team meeting to introduce team members, each member's common interests, hobbies. Sooner than I had anticipated, I knew all my teammates by name and common interests and that is when I realised we were all part of a bigger dream.

During the self-introduction session, It was hard to let go unnoticed a few specific things about my teammates. One particular one being Kenneth Sanya, a member of my team who you could easily at first sight not know he is a very good rapper. I confirmed this when he rapped a few gospel lines freestyle, something that left me wondering how much more of a creative genius he was! I later learnt after a brief interaction with him that he loved gospel music and that was what inspired him to rap. I also learnt that Samson, my learning facilitator is actually a good cook, a thing I always refer to as an art. Hopefully, he will host the team and deliver his best cuisine.

Moments later, we returned to our Bootcamp room and found ourselves a comfortable space where we could work and collaborate as a team. It was then that I met Esther Chepkwenoi, the only lady on the team but with a strong passion to learn at every given opportunity. She, being the only lady on the team is always determined to deliver her best and is always asking questions and seeking feedback. At the Bootcamp, feedback is highly encouraged and it has really helped with collaborations in the group and building a good team spirit. Another team member, Walujo Emmanuel, inspires me with his will to ask questions in the slack channel even in the late night hours and always acknowledging feedback. I find his questions very helpful in helping me understand certain concepts I might have overlooked in the due process.

Then there comes my LFA Stanley who is always available and guiding the team on what to do, responding to all the messages and giving feedback on the work done and what areas to improve. He is available, knowledgeable and very resourceful. To this end, I must say I have a great team full of tenacious people who make everything better with each challenge and are all looking forward to a bigger goal. To my team, you are indeed a force to reckon with!